Putin’s Gambit – How the Superpowers are gambling World Peace away – Chapter III: The Players


World peace is at stake. America and Russia are willing to destroy the world for the sake of world domination. And we the denizens of the only inhabited world sit idly by while the whole house if about to crumble. But before acting we must understand what is going on.

The Lessons of Dune


If you think the present is weird and nasty, wait until you step into the Future! Our Age has nothing on the Future. Everything you hear, see, and read about the future will one day become reality. Future is inescapably a strange, a very strange land.

On Tyrants and Power Structures


Tyranny is foreign to free individuals. The people do not need leaders or hierarchical power structures. We can work together because we have to. Power structures are destructive and harmful to all societies.

Winston Churchill and The Denial of Death

Winston Churchill was the greatest English man who ever lived. Let me explain. "Churchill mobilized the English language and sent it into battle," as Lord Viscount Halifax noted after his famous June 4, 1940 speech in the Commons. Mr. Churchill achieved that which was thought impossible by his enemies, his friends, and those fence-sitters who … Continue reading Winston Churchill and The Denial of Death

Just how good were Swiss mercenaries?

The Swiss Reisläufer (meaning those who go to war) were the best soldiers for hire money could buy. In fact, their northern archenemies, the German landsknechte (knights of the land), started by emulating them. And we all know what they say about emulation: it is a high form of flattery. Swiss Reisläufer - sketch D … Continue reading Just how good were Swiss mercenaries?