We Were There Where We Had To Be


The Romanian 1989 Revolution was of the People, for the People, with the People. The forces of Neo-Communism appropriated the Revolution, destroyed its Ideals, and arrested Romania's development as a Free and Just Nation. Ion Iliescu and the former Securitate officers and informants must answer for their crimes against humanity and the Romanian nation.

Tourism and Capitalism – The Case of Romania and Bulgaria


Funny thing just occurred to me while I was taking a course on PRINCE2, which is a Project Management matrix. The course is very interesting but also extremely dry. Think Gobi dessert or the Sahara and Kalahari combined - that dry. Yuck! Anyway, while I was taking notes on the seventh principle of PRINCE2, 'learning … Continue reading Tourism and Capitalism – The Case of Romania and Bulgaria

My Proustian flow of consciousness

Today I am going to break one of my self-imposed rules. Today, I will be all heart. Today, I won't try to be a brainiac. Funny thing, when you google 'brainiac', you find out "he is a super-intelligent alien being from the planet Colu who has fought Superman." Who knew? Who cares? Now that we … Continue reading My Proustian flow of consciousness