The Cold War – Chapter 1: The Berlin Wall


East and West German police faceoff before the Wall went up. The Berlin Wall effectively separated the two German states between August 1961 and November 1989. The Soviets did not lose the Cold War in 1989, in 1990 or even in 1991. They lost the war on 13 August 1961. That was the day when … Continue reading The Cold War – Chapter 1: The Berlin Wall

Your Country Wants You Dumb

Preface When I started writing this blog three months ago, Covid-19 pandemic was in full swing, and the world seemed on a downward slope to oblivion. Because I did not want to add to the utter confusion of those days, I stopped to reflect. Some might even say I took a knee. In truth, I … Continue reading Your Country Wants You Dumb

On parents & promises

My mother always taught me the value of honesty. I couldn't have been older than 11 when my mother started teaching me about the value of honesty and about how important it is for a person to keep their promises. Captain Jack Aubrey of the Royal Navy - who believes in keeping one's word but … Continue reading On parents & promises