The ecstasy of culling the herd – How Hashish is good and Guns are bad

I have a revelation to make. One that I have been trying to suppress for some time now.

I was watching a Veritasium YouTube video about the most peculiar life of one Doctor Fritz Haber.

Dr. Haber is the man who gave Germany an edge in WW1, and the world a new lease on life, when he discovered a way to synthesize nitrate ammonia.

Dr. Fritz Haber – Nobel prize laureate in 1918 for his invention of the Haber–Bosch process, a method used in industry to synthesize ammonia from nitrogen gas and hydrogen gas.

Basically, this man was responsible for the population growth we have seen in the last century.

The man was single handedly responsible for the world population taking off like a Saturn rocket from Houston. It took the world until 1920 to reach its first 2 billion people. And now we’re approaching 8 billion. You tell me if the good doctor is responsible for the greatest feat. But I am of a mind that future generations will blame him for the worst crime against humanity: overpopulation.

Population growth is a genuine Damocles’ sword.

But Haber’s invention also saved Germany from having to capitulate by early 1915. You see, gunpowder at the time was entirely dependent on access to the guano deposits located mainly in South America and the Pacific. And if memory and geography serve me, neither locations were accessible to Germany past August 1914.

As a matter of fact, the Entente was counting on Germany throwing in the towel by June 1915 due to insufficient gunpowder for ammunition and some artillery shells.

But that’s exactly when the good Doctor made his Deus ex machina appearance on stage. His Haber-Bosch process not only allowed Germany to carry on the fight. It supplied the Central Powers with gunpowder and explosives in WW1.

As a matter of fact the same substance that gives us this…

Also gives us this…

Quite ironic and also poetic. But like most things in life, the same thing can provide the most serene of blessings or it can cut deepest.

Terri Fisher: The genetic difference between men and apes is only three percent. But that three percent gave us Einstein, Mozart…

Phil Ohlmyer: … Jack The Ripper.

Mission to Mars – 2000.

I know, I know, riveting stuff. But wait ’cause there’s more.

So I was watching this, when all of a sudden, an ad popped in. This ad below. This is an ad for hashish. Which, BTW is legally sold in Canada. Yes, yes, legal to produce and sell for profit.

In the same vein, I was told by a medical source that on the West Coast, all drugs are being decriminalized. So, basically it is now legal to consume whatever you want. Leading to this situation.

The consequences of decriminalizing drugs.
The Government tells us this is Good for us …
While also telling us that this is Evil.

At the same time, in this great country of ours, handguns are being banned.

It is now illegal to import a pistol or revolver. Because why? Because they have only one reason to be, and that is to kill. Yes, you heard it right. Handguns kill, people. Handguns kill. This is straight from a Minister of the Crown.

But wait, ’cause there is even more!

I suspect that handguns used by government officials, like border guards, police, feds, Brinks security guards, the military, do not kill. Those only protect. By not killing. I believe those guns only scare bad people away.

Like in the following horror story. But wait, this ain’t a horror story. This is how police do it in the United States of America. Watch and weep, people, watch and weep.

Daniel Shaver was an idiot for sure to take a pellet gun to a hotel and waive it around. But he did not deserve to die like a rabid dog, shot by a manic carbine-wielding police officer who clearly is doing the job for the wrong reasons. I use the present tense because the murderer has been acquitted and continues to take pleasure lording it over civilians. Because why? Because this is what happens when you kill under a badge. They give you a medal and call you a hero. You get immunity for killing people.
In case you wanted to see the whole picture.

So, yeah, remember what the government tells you. Government issued weapons are not there to hurt you. Not at all. They are there to protect you, keep you safe, and warm and cuddly. They are good. They are safe. They are the government’s tools and they make your world a better one.

But if you are a civilian, that’s when handguns kill. That’s it, that’s all. There’s no argument about this. The issue has been decided for you and I, by people with a superior knowledge of the case. And there is nothing we can do.

Once a matter has been ordained from the top, you and I, buddy, we can only obey. Because the law is made at the top of the pyramid. And we are at the bottom. All we can do is crawl on our four towards the screaming police officer, and pray that he doesn’t gun us down. Because he will, if we do anything he can use to justify his murdering us. We move, he will shoot. We faint, he will shoot. We vomit because we are in wine, he most definitely will shoot. In fact, as it happens, we will have to work very hard to make sure he won’t shoot us.

And what is even more depressing is the fact, that afterwards, he won’t be charged. Instead he will be given a medal, a pension and the accolade of a grateful community of sheep, who not only enjoy being culled every so often. They demand it. So when the shepherd obliges, the herd is ecstatic.

For the herd’s sole purpose is to provide the shepherd and his family with milk, cheese, meat, and wool. And their duty is sacred to them. No matter how many die to feed the man’s family, as long as they do his bidding, they are safe. They are safe from predators, and safe for the family dinner.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. In Switzerland, and quite a few countries around the globe, civilian possession of firearms is not only allowed, but encouraged. Serbia, Yemen, Czechia, Hungary, Turkey, Italy, Norway, Sweden, and Finland, are among the most prominent holdouts of free will and common sense. Their example shows the way forward to a world that is bent on reducing freedom to an empty word, hollow of any meaning, and destitute of any real value.

For to choose is to be free. Choice is freedom, folks. We are all endowed by our Creator with the free will to do good or evil. It is up to us to decide that every minute of every hour of every day of our natural lives. No state, government, free or tyrannical, or in between, has the right to decide for us if we are allowed to have guns, or not.

The fact that we have abandoned the notion that we are free to choose tells me we have lost sight of what defines us as human beings, and what separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. We have forgotten that we are born in this life to live it fully, responsibly, and that we only have one life to live. And we don’t owe it to nobody to live it chained in the prison of their making or our very own.

We might believe we must obey the Man. But we don’t. History is full of people who have laid down their lives for the benefit of others’ liberty. Perhaps it is time for us to do the same.

In Zurich’s Knabenschiessen, teenagers shoot their parents’ military rifles every September in special competitions. The champions are crowned Schutzenkonig – a king or queen of marksmen – based on results.

In Canada, rifle shooting used to be a national pastime as well, up until not too long ago. Alas, all that is gone now. Nowadays, the country is banning guns, while decriminalizing drugs. It’s one thing to do the former, and quite another to do the latter. But to do both at the same time. That takes a lot of charisma for the doer. And it works. For our fellow citizens are quite obedient and ready to march into the frying pan awaiting such gullible characters to ‘reward’ their ignorance.

I wonder if the country will ever wake up from its slumber to realize that while it was sleeping, a monster was born. One that will have but devoured its sleeping prey. I shudder at the thought. But am confident I am right in my belief.

The Sleep of Reason produces Monsters – Goya.

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