The COVID debacle – the Single Greatest Gaslighting Operation of the Current Age


The COVID-19 pandemic is the perfect example of the single greatest gaslighting operation of our times.

The Burden of Truth – How Covid-19 Made Us All Morons

I love the Sex Pistols. How can you not love them? I mean look at their lyrics. God save the queenThe fascist regimeThey made you a moronA potential H bombSex Pistols, God Save the Queen, 1977. They were not just very aware of the British political climate in the 1970s. They were also prescient, to … Continue reading The Burden of Truth – How Covid-19 Made Us All Morons

Covid-19 vs. Freedom

Hoarding is morally wrong. Personally, I believe that any person who hoards food, medicine, medical supplies, toilet paper in excess to their needs, and for the purpose of profit making, is a person who believes they can survive when his peers are dead. Newsflash: they can’t. We all live because we need one another. We … Continue reading Covid-19 vs. Freedom

Nature answers only when she is questioned – Covid-19

The world today is under attack. It is being assaulted by a vicious microscopic creature that can barely be called a life form. Our world is being attacked by a Coronavirus, which is the same virus that causes Influenza A: Covid-19. Covid-19. The face of mortal danger. A few years back, I was watching a … Continue reading Nature answers only when she is questioned – Covid-19

The Coronavirus hysteria

Each day and age comes with its own fears, some misplaced, some authentic, but what am I saying, most of them are totally bogus. Some of the public fears show how easy we give in to hysteria. For future generations who might look at our day and age with the same wondrous incredulity that we … Continue reading The Coronavirus hysteria