The Burden of Truth – How Covid-19 Made Us All Morons

I love the Sex Pistols. How can you not love them? I mean look at their lyrics.

God save the queen

The fascist regime

They made you a moron

A potential H bomb

Sex Pistols, God Save the Queen, 1977.

They were not just very aware of the British political climate in the 1970s. They were also prescient, to say the least. I say this because I believe we as a global society are heading in the wrong direction, at very high speed, and the more we advance on this untoward path, the less likely we are ever going to make it back to some semblance of normality.

But enough with the fear mongering, right, I mean, right?! I’d better get to the point, as my dear wife tells me so very often these days.

The Chief Medical Officer of the Republic of Moldova, Nicolae Furtuna (last name means storm in Romanian, which is quite ominous), had this to say this fine September morning:

COVID-19 took the lives of those who were already a burden to those around them.” Nicolae Furtuna, Chief Medical Officer of the Republic of Moldova, 8 September 2020

I know, I know. Quite insensitive, and perhaps Prime Minister Igor Dodon was right to ask for this guy’s resignation. But before we judge him guilty, let’s look at the facts.

After all, even Eyriviadis, the Spartan admiral of the Greek fleet facing the Persian invaders at Salamis in 480 BC, had to listen to Themistocles and not hit him, as he had originally intended.

Before the battle of Salamis, Themistoklis and Eyriviadis (the Spartan admiral of the fleet) had an argument during the war council. Themistoklis wanted to fight a naval battle, where the lighter and more manoeuvrable Greek ships would have the advantage over the heavy Persian ships, thereby eliminating the numerical disadvantage of the enemy. Eyriviadis insisted on a traditional land battle on the fortified isthmus of Corinth, like Leonidas had just fought at Thermopylae. At the apogee of their argument, Eyriviadis tried to hit Themistoklis with a stick, to which Themistoklis then said the famous: “Patakson men, akouson de” – Beat me but listen to me.

But I digress.

So, this Furtuna character said that Covid-19 kinda cleaned house by culling all the very sick and mostly the old. This was quite undiplomatic of him. Especially in this day and age. Shame on him!

But is this false? Not quite, since the figures talk for themselves.

In the Republic of Moldova, 99 percent of all Covid-19 fatalities exhibited at least one comorbidity, while more than 70 percent presented at least two. Fact is that as we grow older we tend to fall prey to chronic disease. Covid-19 is almost a death sentence to most old people. So, what Nicolae Furtuna said this morning is nothing short of the truth. And yet, the guy just couldn’t keep his mouth shut!

I mean who wants to know that if they’re old and sick, they have a fat chance in hell to make it through the pandemic. If you think of it, Covid-19 is either an immediate or long-term death sentence to anyone who has multiple comorbidities. And nobody wants a medical authority to spell it out, nobody!

As a rule, human beings choose to live in a Lala land, where Disneyesque characters jump from tree to tree, nobody ever grows old and dies, everybody lives happily ever after. So when a dude who looks like he says what he means and he means what he says, comes out and tells old sick folk to start writing their last wills and testaments, then the prime minister needs to step in and rein the bastard back into his place.

“A Lie Can Travel Halfway Around the World While the Truth Is Putting On Its Shoes.” – Jonathan Swift (1667-1745)

We live in a world where big fat lies are sold by the ton to the gullible masses, while hard truths are avoided just like the Devil avoids incense.

Stop Evil Incense Sticks – for those who really want to stop the Devil in his tracks.

The plot thickens if we cast a critical eye on the figures released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, at the end of August 2020. According to the CDC, out of the 169,044 deaths only 6 percent were directly attributable to Covid-19 alone. The vast majority, i.e., the other 94 percent of fatalities succumbed to one or multiple comorbidities.

Again, let me repeat that, in the last eight months or so, approximately 10,000 healthy Americans died of Covid-19. If we divide this number by the total population of the USA, we realize how unlikely it is for Covid-19 to kill a healthy young individual, with no preconditions.

Healthy Americans with no comorbidities have a 0.0030581039755351682 chance in a hundred to die from Covid-19. In other words, 31 healthy people will die per each million individuals in the United States of America.

For those who want to look at the CDC data sets with their own eyes, I have attached the web link here:

And yet we submit ourselves to rules than restrict our freedoms without bringing any real benefits. A simple N95 mask can only bring peace of mind to the wearer. Only a full Hazmat suit with an autonomous portable air supply can isolate the person wearing it from any airborne disease.

Still from the Outbreak 1995 movie adaptation of Richard Preston’s seminal non-fiction thriller The Hot Zone. If you think the movie is hardcore, think again. Read the book, I dare you. But be warned, if you have a graphic mind, you might lose a few nights’ sleep over it.

So, unless you are ready to sport these fancy yellow suits for your foreseeable future, and you are healthy individual, stop worrying about a disease that kills less healthy people than any of the real killers out there: cancer, TB, AIDS, influenza, heart disease, the flu.

If you have diabetes, you are overweight, and got asthma on top of it, well, wearing a mask can be as effective as Romanian traditional cures such as this phenomenal cream for angry people.

Hint: this cream doesn’t exist and therefore cannot work.

Uciga-l Toaca is the best organic holy natural remedy for angry people. For external use only. Apply when you feel you are possessed.

So, when you go to sleep tonight, think how silly we all are to believe that wearing a mask can keep us safe for the rest of our natural lives. And while you’re reflecting on this, I’ll give you something else to think about as well. Who benefits from all this? Who gets the reward at the end of the day? Who gets more power over you? And is it all worth it?

These are just a few thoughts that should be on your mind these days. After all, we are all different. And who knows, perhaps I am wrong.

ANIMUS IN CONSULENDO LIBER. The official motto of NATO. NATO drew inspiration from Sallust, citing Cato the Younger‘s address to the Roman Senate, which went as follows: “But there were other qualities which made them [our forefathers] great, which we do not possess at all: efficiency at home, a just rule abroad, in counsel an independent spirit free from guilt or passion” (Latin: “Sed alia fuere, quae illos magnos fecere, quae nobis nulla sunt: domi industria, foris iustum imperium, animus in consulendo liber, neque delicto neque lubidini obnoxius”). DISCLAIMER – Please do not take this NATO photo as an indication of who benefits from the Covid-19 crisis. It was just a serendipitous occurrence.

It is up to you to look inside your animus and decide for yourself. So examine your conscience free from guilt and passion, and deliberate. You be the judge for once. You owe it to yourself and you owe it to future generations. It is an act of freedom you were born with and you’ll be glad to rediscover.

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