They Died with their Boots On


Are we too many or not enough? Do we accept the narrative of the Elite? Or do we forge our own Future in the heat of battle against tyranny? We all have a choice to make because if Life is about Anything, it is about Freedom. And Freedom is about Making a Choice. I made my choice. How about you?

The Power of Martyrdom


What would you fight and die for? Where is your line in the sand? Like ancient Christian martyrs, each of us is endowed with Free Will. But unlike them we are Afraid to use our faculties and stand for something. History often teaches us a Lesson. It speaks volumes . But we seldom listen. Perhaps we need to start listening...

Winston Churchill and The Denial of Death

Winston Churchill was the greatest English man who ever lived. Let me explain. "Churchill mobilized the English language and sent it into battle," as Lord Viscount Halifax noted after his famous June 4, 1940 speech in the Commons. Mr. Churchill achieved that which was thought impossible by his enemies, his friends, and those fence-sitters who … Continue reading Winston Churchill and The Denial of Death

Life is a prison and everybody is an inmate

I was at work today and thinking of fate. Fate manifests itself in a myriad ways. Some people are born with a deficit of luck, but through either hard work or a reversal of fortunes, make it big. And some other people, born with all the right pedigree, family connections, power, wealth, and health, suffer … Continue reading Life is a prison and everybody is an inmate

Old Age Wisdom

Marcus Tullius Cicero (106-43 B.C.) Not everything that’s old is bad and not everything new is good. Every day and age feels compelled to claim that it is a new, fresh start. That it did away with the ways of old. That it discarded it as if somehow broken. Our modern world is no different. … Continue reading Old Age Wisdom