Sometimes you have to pull a Cortés


All new life grows from the decay of the old. Life is cyclical. We need not fight it. We must embrace change with both hands and hold it tight to our bosom. Anything else, and we merely prolong the agony.

Democracy is Our Only Friend


Democracy is not the plaything of the few. It does not cater to the elites. And the People should not pay attention to those who don’t like democratic results. Democracy has not failed us. We may have failed democracy.

The Power of Martyrdom


What would you fight and die for? Where is your line in the sand? Like ancient Christian martyrs, each of us is endowed with Free Will. But unlike them we are Afraid to use our faculties and stand for something. History often teaches us a Lesson. It speaks volumes . But we seldom listen. Perhaps we need to start listening...

On Tyrants and Power Structures


Tyranny is foreign to free individuals. The people do not need leaders or hierarchical power structures. We can work together because we have to. Power structures are destructive and harmful to all societies.

Edmund Burke was Wrong – Freedom Does Not Require Supervision


Freedom does not require Supervision. Passion is not a bad thing. We need a better socio-political business model. If only we could emulate the Swiss.

The Story of My Life – Chapter 1

I was born on a cold December day in the Year of Our Lord 1979, in Bucharest, Romania. The day I was born, the 19th, USSR Secretary General Leonid Brezhnev had just instructed the Red Army to invade Afghanistan to effect regime change. So, one can say I came into this world during interesting times. … Continue reading The Story of My Life – Chapter 1