Sometimes you have to pull a Cortés


All new life grows from the decay of the old. Life is cyclical. We need not fight it. We must embrace change with both hands and hold it tight to our bosom. Anything else, and we merely prolong the agony.

Putin’s Gambit – How the Superpowers are gambling World Peace away – Chapter III: The Players


World peace is at stake. America and Russia are willing to destroy the world for the sake of world domination. And we the denizens of the only inhabited world sit idly by while the whole house if about to crumble. But before acting we must understand what is going on.

Swiss banking secret and taxation

The Banking Act of 1934 made Swiss banking secret unique by rendering any persons betraying it criminals. In short, it put Swiss bankers in the same category with doctors and lawyers who are all bound by law to keep their clients' secrets… well, secret. I could tell you all about the minimum $100,000 bank deposits. … Continue reading Swiss banking secret and taxation