We Were There Where We Had To Be


The Romanian 1989 Revolution was of the People, for the People, with the People. The forces of Neo-Communism appropriated the Revolution, destroyed its Ideals, and arrested Romania's development as a Free and Just Nation. Ion Iliescu and the former Securitate officers and informants must answer for their crimes against humanity and the Romanian nation.

Edmund Burke was Wrong – Freedom Does Not Require Supervision


Freedom does not require Supervision. Passion is not a bad thing. We need a better socio-political business model. If only we could emulate the Swiss.

The Cold War – Chapter 1: The Berlin Wall


East and West German police faceoff before the Wall went up. The Berlin Wall effectively separated the two German states between August 1961 and November 1989. The Soviets did not lose the Cold War in 1989, in 1990 or even in 1991. They lost the war on 13 August 1961. That was the day when … Continue reading The Cold War – Chapter 1: The Berlin Wall

Covid-19 vs. Freedom

Hoarding is morally wrong. Personally, I believe that any person who hoards food, medicine, medical supplies, toilet paper in excess to their needs, and for the purpose of profit making, is a person who believes they can survive when his peers are dead. Newsflash: they can’t. We all live because we need one another. We … Continue reading Covid-19 vs. Freedom

What’s the most important war that nobody talks about?

I will preface my answer with Milan Kundera’s epic quote: Czech author Milan Kundera, The Book of Laughter and Forgetting (Kniha smíchu a zapomnění) - (1979). There is something about the Czech esprit de fronde, which has always captured my attention. Ever since I learned about the self-sacrifice of Jan Palach, I started paying more attention … Continue reading What’s the most important war that nobody talks about?