Our lives are in constant and immediate danger


I was watching Dexter and a thought occurred to me. I realized that one must be very careful if they want to die of old age in this wicked world of ours. At any point, a disturbed person, a thief, rapist or murderer may be lurking in the shadows or in the sunlight, without us … Continue reading Our lives are in constant and immediate danger

Your Country Wants You Dumb

Preface When I started writing this blog three months ago, Covid-19 pandemic was in full swing, and the world seemed on a downward slope to oblivion. Because I did not want to add to the utter confusion of those days, I stopped to reflect. Some might even say I took a knee. In truth, I … Continue reading Your Country Wants You Dumb

On parents & promises

My mother always taught me the value of honesty. I couldn't have been older than 11 when my mother started teaching me about the value of honesty and about how important it is for a person to keep their promises. Captain Jack Aubrey of the Royal Navy - who believes in keeping one's word but … Continue reading On parents & promises