Upcoming posts

I am toying with a few ideas.

I would like to write some posts on civil responsibility.

I would like to talk about taxation.

And I would like to write about historical might have beens, or accidents of history that could have affected the course of events in a different direction. Counterfactual history is a field that has always captured my attention. I could say that I’ve been fascinated by it all my life.

And I would like to talk about my interest in the field of medicine and utter fascination with disease, which I believe stems from my hypochondria.

I would also like to share my hobbies with you. I love making English longbows (ELB). And I love making exotic wood boxes. I don’t like to put things into boxes as much as I like creating them.

I like planting and nurturing trees. It is the least I can do. After all, they do keep me alive.

There was a time when I had started gardening on a serious enough scale to build an enclosure for my tomato, water melons, red radish and bean sprouts. Unfortunately, I kind of abandoned this very grounding project. But perhaps I shall one day revisit it. I have farmer’s blood running through half of my veins.

Some days, I think that is the only reason I did not succumb to the ails and maladies running through the more “noble and blue blooded” side of my parents.

Which brings me to another subject I’d like to explore together with you: genes and genetics.

Also, if you ever like to know about something, feel free to drop me a line. Use the Contact feature, and I will get back to you. As my grandmother used to say, “if someone took their time to write you, you might as well respond to them”. Guess which side of the family she came from?