Zinoviev the Prescient – Prologue

Alexander Zinoviev was a Russian dissident who was forced to flee his beloved Russia during the heydays of the Mighty USSR. According to his last interview in Germany, in June 1999, and reflecting on the circumstances of his exile, he lamented that he had left a strong world power, feared even by her enemies, only to return to a defeated country, in ruins.

Alexander Zinoviev (1922-2006).
Soviet dissident philosopher, logician, sociologist, and writer.

During his erstwhile exile in the then (1970s-1980s) welcoming West, Zinoviev discovered a few things about his native land and quite a few other things about his place of asylum.

Having fled or better put having been allowed to leave Russia for France and West Germany, he quickly found how politically naive western democracies truly were.

When he settled in Paris and later on in Bonn/Frankfurt am Main, he was immersed in the subversive political culture of Marxism, or to be precise of Western Neo-Marxism.

For an Easterner who had experienced first hand the Gulag system, the political, socio-economic and cultural oppression of the monolithic USSR, it was appalling to discover in the West the incipient germs of the Leftist disease he thought he’d left in his rear mirror when he abandoned his Home.

You see, to his mind, and if one gives this a moment’s reflection, to anyone’s mind, the West was nurturing, under the guise of Political Freedom, the early onset of a grave and ultimately terminal disease: the Politically Correct Identity Politics that we have come to know today as Progressivism.

Progressivism is a misnomer. Given its Leftist roots that first saw the light of day in 1968, liberalism or progressivism is neither the former or the latter.

What people recognize today as Liberalism and/or Progressivism is in fact Neo-Marxism. It is not Socialism. It is not Communism. What the West is experiencing now is the final stage of a totalitarian take over of society by the offshoots of the 1968 Marxists who led the Leftist Revolutions in the West, 53 years ago.

Zinoviev was among the first Easterners to recognize this depressing fact of life. He recognized KGB’s dirty hand in the West’s socio-political and cultural life. He saw through the smoke and mirrors that Moscow’s handlers had used so aptly to infiltrate and take over all walks of life.

He saw how self-deluded Western intelligentsia were. He even foresaw how farseeing and long acting USSR’s political propaganda would be.

And finally Zinoviev noted that while the West thought it’d won the Cold War, the truth was that the West had only won the shallow cultural propaganda war waged on TV, in the media, and in the field of consumer products.

In short, the West had won the war for the hearts and minds of the many Easterners who were starving, and who wanted to believe in the archetypal Good defeating the Evil. Unfortunately for them, the Good is never easy to identify. And while the Eastern World was dominated by Evil Maniacs, they never cornered the market for Evil, like the West did.

You see, folks, the West was in it for the long-game. And that’s how and exactly why it won the Cold War.

But people being simple brutes who care more about their next meal than about the nature of Freedom, Power and the State, it was quite easy for the West to win their hearts, minds and bellies.

All it took was a major traitor, Gorbachev, and some Rambo movies depicting Russians and the Vietnamese as monsters, for the economically deprived Easterners to imagine that their own system was doomed to fail, and that They had to Go West.

Zinoviev saw it for the False Flag operation that it was.

So, to recap. In the 1960s, the KGB plants the seeds of the Leftist Revolution that is only now coming to maturity in the West.

It is a silent and insidiously slow process that will grow on the Western school campuses for close on three generations.

In the 1970s and 1980s, the CIA realize that the Russians are about to take down the West via their own intelligentsia and using the innate vulnerabilities of the Western world.

They come up with a plan of their own to ramp up the propaganda war against the Eastern Camp that involves massive intoxication of the East, which uses mass media to promote the myth of Western exceptionalism, consumerism, and freedom for all.

This, coupled with the ice-breaking actions of Gorbatchev (Perestroika, Glaznost) and the faux pas of moronic hardliners and tyrants (Ceausescu, Honecker, etc), leads to the total collapse of the Eastern Camp by mid-1991.

Like most people in the know, I credit this seesaw movement for the downfall of Communism. Eric Hobsbawm called this the Century of the Extremes (1917-1991) in his eponymous seminal book. In it, Hobsbawm calls attention to the contradictions of Free World nations like America, locking up 3,000,000 inmates in its criminally Justice penal system, while the USSR focussed on keeping the same amount of people stashed away in the Gulag Archipelago.

Yet in spite of this contradiction, which saw two giants spew the same rhetoric, “fighting for freedom”, neither being honest about its own clear moral failings, the world at large perceived America and the West as the ethical winner of the Cold War.

By the early 1990s, the USA had won. And the USSR was no more. In fact, blinded by the moral offensive that paved its way to victory, Russia was ready to acknowledge defeat in almost all domains, except one: its near abroad. And even there, the Russians were ready to accept American supremacy. For Pete’s sake, the first McDonald’s opened in Moscow in 1990!!!

If America had played her cards smartly, they would have cemented their huge win by letting the Russians keep some of their dignity by inviting them to the Table where the Future of the World was played. As it happened, the First Gulf War and the Yugoslav Wars put a nail in the coffin of a Great Future, prefacing the return of the Second Cold War, which is being waged right now.

And although Bush had promised Gorbachev in Malta and Yalta not to act unilaterally, the Americans reneged on those mainly verbal promises.

Verba volant, scripta manent. Words may fly away, writing endures. They weren’t dumb those Romans, eh!

But of course, right after the Berlin Wall fell, America took over the reins of the world, reneging on its promise to not act unilaterally.

Zinoviev foresaw this by taking stock of the state of the world in 1995.

What he saw we all saw, but we pretended it was something else. The alternative was too appealing to even contemplate.

The Gulf War, the Yugoslavian Wars, the War on Terror, the Orange Revolutions in The Middle East and then in the Eastern Flank of USSR.

The world had jumped from the Cold War Pan straight into the New World Order Fire.

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