The COVID debacle – the Single Greatest Gaslighting Operation of the Current Age

Just over three years ago, in a corner of China, in the city of Wuhan, a virus got out. And it ran like wildfire through the savanna forest. Within 72 months or so, it managed to kill almost 7 million people, and debilitated many tens of millions more. In fact, out of the 675 million COVID-19 cases, 20 to 30 percent or 167.8 million people are now suffering post-acute sequelae of COVID-19 (PASC), a.k.a long COVID. These are lasting after-effects such as fatigue, post-exertional malaise, fever, shortness of breath, cough, chest pain, heart palpitations, brain fog, headache, change in smell or taste, pins-and-needles feelings, diarrhea, stomach pain, joint and muscle pain, changes in menstrual cycle.

In the beginning, I was amongst the people who did not think this virus was too dangerous, although at times, I was scared out of my wits. Not my proudest moment, if you asked me. But throughout these trying times, I wanted to understand the pandemic better. I failed to do so. For after rejecting it as a “killer”, and downgrading it to a mere “nuisance”, I did something that makes me ashamed of how easily I fell for it.

After 1 year and 2 months of living a relatively fear-free life, although closeted with my immediate family, working from our home, and taking as little risks as possible, one of my co-workers for whom I have a good dose of respect and appreciation, fell ill with the affliction. He was in fact so sick that he ended up in ICU on a respirator. His entire family got sick and suffered various levels of distress. My colleague had had preconditions or co-morbidities as they like to call in the medical field, but still I was scared.

I too have diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, and at the time was grossly overweight, while nowadays am just fat. 🙂

But fact remained that I got so worried by his plight that I immediately resolved to disregard all my previous concerns surrounding the nebulous inception and insufficient testing via clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccines.

So, having defeated my own reluctance, I resolved I’d get vaccinated, and my example influenced my wife and daughter to do the same. So, us adults got three shots, and our daughter just two.

Fast forward to 2 years after the start of the global pandemic, and after two superficial bouts of COVID, I became convinced that the vaccine failed us or better yet, that we failed ourselves.

In the last 12 months, we have also found out that my initial concerns with the lack of sufficient testing of the COVID-19 vaccines were not only justified. They were correct. The vaccines were not adequately tested. As a consequence, people died, and many more were left suffering from both foreseen side-effects as well as unintended health consequences.

It was calculated that up to almost a quarter million people died because of COVID-19 immunizations.

Some of these people would have died anyway from COVID-19. But some others would have not. In fact, a lot of people would have been alive and well today if they had not taken the vaccine.

According to Our World in Data, 71,8 percent of the entire population of the globe (5.51 billion) have received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine.

In fact, according to a medical study published on the MDPI website, dubbed The Safety of COVID-19 Vaccinations—We Should Rethink the Policy, authored by Harald Walach, Rainier J. Klement, and Wouter Aukema, that came out in June 2021, the number needed to vaccinate (NNTV) to prevent one death from COVID-19 was between 200 and 700, for the Pfizer vaccine. For the rest of the vaccines out there, the NNTV to prevent one death was between 9,000 and 50,000, or a 16,000 weighted point estimate. Furthermore, and this is where the plot thickens considerably, the number of cases experiencing adverse reactions has been reported at 700 per 100,000 vaccinations. In 2021, the researchers found 16 serious side effects per 100,000 vaccinations, and 4.11 fatal side effects for every 100,000 vaccinations. They concluded that for every THREE deaths prevented by vaccination, there were TWO fatalities inflicted by vaccination.

Now even if the figures are 10 times more optimistic, or in this case less pessimistic than the ones published in a peer-reviewed medical journal, it would mean the following things:

  1. For every 1 million vaccinations, there were 4.11 fatal side effects. If we applied this ratio to the number of people vaccinated at least once, we find that at a minimum 22,646 and at a maximum 226,460 people have been killed by COVID-19 vaccines.
  2. When we apply the aforementioned model of deaths prevented by vaccination vs. fatalities inflicted by vaccination, we find that at least 33,969 but no more than 339,690 lives were saved by vaccines.

Basically, a bunch of people died, or were mandated into laying down their lives, so that others would live. This is exactly how it is. There is no point sugar coating this sour pill.

But I thought the point of a vaccine was to prevent people from dying, not killing some in order for others to survive. That is why we have vaccine trials, testing periods, volunteers, and guidelines and safety protocols.

One could argue that many people, including myself, did not have a choice, since governments worldwide imposed this on us. Some even forced people to take it or risk losing their jobs, chosen careers in the military, health services, you name it. Other people got the immunization because they wanted to break free from the confines of the miserable lockdowns. But the vast majority took the COVID-19 vaccines because it had made sense in the past, as had been the case with the flu shots, to do so.

But you see, it was all a sham. It is all a sham. Most people do not realize that vaccines were never as safe as we were taught in school they were. Historically, all that we were told about the inception of vaccines, their development, the medical profession’s struggles and self-sacrifice, all of that was a concert of half-truths, white lies, and deception, and the occasional truth. Incidentally, and professional liars will attest to this, the best lies are those packaged with truth.

Keep this in mind at all times, even when reading this blog. Nobody is immune from disinformation. Nobody.

Again, I ain’t saying that I am pulling the wool on you on purpose. I am however saying that whatever I say, whatever anybody says, we are all susceptible to being gaslighted. I promise you this: I am not lying to you on purpose. If I am, it is because I couldn’t see through other people’s lies. But rest assured that I am taking all reasonable precautions and am very weary of the possibility of leading you astray. So, I act accordingly and try to verify all my premises and dot my Is and cross my Ts carefully before I line them up for you. Ok?

Here follows the story of how history books only present one version of the events, and sometimes, we do not hear the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Most times, what we end up hearing are fragments of fragments of what transpired a long time ago. Quite naturally but also quite disturbing, if you ask me!


André Bercoff is one of those French journalists who have a knack for splitting hairs and who make more enemies than friends in the pursuit of Truth. If you are one of those who would rather go to his Wikipedia page and make up their mind by reading what other people curate as the truth about people they want to know about, then this blog is not for you. This blog is for people who challenge everything and do not take anything for granted.

Marc Menant is a French writer and journalist who authored, in 2022, a book called “L’inquiétante histoire des vaccins” or “The troubling history of vaccines”. For those of you who speak French, I recommend you watch his most interesting interview with André Bercoff. In it, you will discover how a great deal of medical success stories we’ve read in the history books about the cardinal benefits of inoculation and vaccination were sometimes incredible impostures and fabrications meant to convince us to become more or less lab rats for bold doctors and scientists.

Yes, ladies and gents, it is exactly like that. How many of us know that Pasteur’s first anti-rabies vaccine that he injected into 9-year old Joseph Meister, in July 1885, was a sham. Let me very clear. In early July 1885, the boy was bitten by a rabid dog in his native Alsace, then a German territory. His parents took him to Pasteur’s lab near Paris, where the good doctor was conducting his research and experiments under the siege of the public opinion. Basically, at the time, medical experiments involved a lot of vivisection, which is basically the live dissection of an animal subject. Then as now, there was a strong current of opinion opposing his methods.

Personally, I cannot blame the man for trying to save human lives at the expense of other creatures.

{If I was to open a parenthesis, I would also point out that in retrospect, although the Nazi experiments on live human beings were morally reprehensible and criminal, they did benefit the human race. Exposing Russian prisoners to pressure drops simulating those at high altitudes, and other such gross abuses of human life and limb, was unjust, murderous, despicable and inexcusable. However, NASA was able to use the results of this horrid research to send Man to the Moon and in outer space. In fact, the human race owes parts of our 20th century scientific progress to Nazi’s insane and abhorrent human experiments. Regrettable, inexcusable, but also the raw fact.

Again, I am not justifying or white washing the murder of men, women and children by murderers in white overcoats.

And I am NOT justifying the murder of individuals for the sake of public good. All I am saying is that we were unable or unwilling to stop the genocide from happening before it did. People were murdered. This is a stain on the human race.

Their murder advanced the state of human knowledge. Perverse and atrociously sad as it is, our civilization benefited from their blood being spilled. We don’t have to like it. And it is pointless to regret it since nobody can restore those tens of millions of lives. What we can do is NOT repeat this episode.

The fact is we live with it, and some of us are alive because of it. I know, I know. You did not want to feel guilty but there you have it! This doesn’t mean we have to do it again. This should be a reminder that everything that is worth having, comes with great sacrifice; sometimes voluntary, but most times, unfortunately, it is involuntary. In this case, it is so true, unjust and criminal!}

But coming back to Pasteur. The doctor was viewed by some Parisians as a killer of innocent animals. As the man was also working with rabies samples, and conducting experiments on diseased animals, he always had a loaded revolver on his working desk, in his laboratory.

So, in July 1885, Joseph Meister, his mother, and the owner of the confirmed rabid dog showed up at Pasteur’s laboratory, asking for his assistance. Joseph and the dog’s owner had both been bitten by the dog. On July 6, Pasteur started Joseph on a 14-shot daily regimen of rabbit spinal cord suspension shots containing progressively inactivated rabies virus. The treatment worked, the boy survived and Pasteur was hailed as the modern saint of medicine. The thing is the dog’s owner, who was also bit by the same rabid dog, survived too. In fact, there are some current studies attesting to the natural immunity some people and peoples have against rabies.

Now, Marc Menant claims that 95 to 97 percent of people bitten by rabid animals will not develop rabies. I find that difficult to believe. Let me put it like this. When I was 10-years old, I was bitten by a dog that might have been rabid. And my mother took me to the Romanian counterpart of the Pasteur Institute, namely the Cantacuzino Institute, where I was injected with the anti-rabies serum directly into my stomach tissue for 14 days in a row. Not fun! Not a fan! But I am grateful for my mom’s quick thinking. I am not sure I would have survived if the dog had been rabid. So yeah, there’s a lot of ifs there but I don’t deal in absolutes. Chances are the dog was rabid, because it was foaming at the mouth and running in circles.

It looked almost like this one. Not a pretty sight if you ask me. Honestly, the more I think about this, the more I realize how big of a difference there is between pets and stray dogs. And if you think how dangerous the latter can be, you would do well to believe that too. Recently, a pack of stray feral dogs killed a jogger in the middle of freaking Bucharest, a modern city. If you ask me, I’d introduce a special carry law allowing people to pack heat when going for a run. It was the case in late 19th century France for cyclists having to run the gauntlet of maniacal dogs trying to get at their legs. Again not fun!

Regardless of Marc Menant’s somewhat dubious conclusions with respect to the rate of natural immunity against rabies in humans, I would like to point out that some time later on when Pasteur was taking a long-deserved vacation in Italy, after some stress-induced health problems, his sidekick Doctor Roux sent him a cable recalling him d’urgence to Paris.

What had previously happened is the stuff of horror movies. A boy by the name of Rouillet, who was bitten this time by a rabid cat, had been given Doctor Pasteur’s 14-immunizations. A month later, he expired. Doctor Roux was called to do the autopsy, and to this effect he analyzed the victim’s spinal cord. A few days later, and against everybody’s hopes and expectations, the rabit-test for rabies showed that Rouillet did die of rabies. This sent the people at Institut Pasteur into a nosedive. Roux and Pasteur went into damage control mode and decided to edit the autopsy record, claiming for posterity that the boy had died of an intestinal blockage. And that is what we learned in school.

But Roux’ journal that he left for future generations to consult, shows that this was indeed a Lie. But, I get it. The good doctors were in the midst of fine tuning the vaccine recipe, and errors had been made. There was no point in throwing down the drain 50 years of medical research on account of a few mistakes. So, they lied to the public, they lied to their peers, and they lied to the medical profession. And eventually, they came up with a working vaccine.

Yet, some people do have natural immunity, that is their body responds to viral and bacterial attacks on its own, sometimes even defeating the invader. So, I guess we will never know for sure whether it was the vaccine or natural immunity that tips the scale in our favour.

Another example of how medical history got it wrong, at least in the beginning, is the case of BCG TB vaccine. Tuberculosis was the killer of the 19th century. In fact, consumption was responsible for a lot of deaths between roughly 1750 and 1950.

But what happened during this era? The industrial revolution happened, that’s what. Basically, humans discovered that scientific progress was conditional on using coal to power industrial processes, for energy production, for locomotion (steam trains and steam ships). And this led to megalopolises like London and Paris becoming filthy places. All that soot turning churches, walls, houses and plants black by mid 1800s, was also consuming the lungs of the people working in this unhealthy environment. By 1922 however, doctors Calmette and Guérin introduced the Bacille Calmette-Guérin vaccine that did away with TB. In what was hailed as another master stroke against one of the worst killers of humanity, TB had been stopped dead in its tracks. Life was good.

But most people do not realize that by that time, coal use was declining, as oil, hydro and cleaner coal burning plants were phasing out the polluters of the 19th century. In actuality, the BCG vaccine was not as safe or as efficient as it was hailed in the 1920s since the French only mandated its use in 1967, some 45 years after it was first introduced.

But by that time, TB infection rates had already been declining for more than half a century.

My point is this. I am not saying that all vaccines are dangerous or unsafe or ineffective. I am saying that all vaccines that are rushed into production or created with a view to showcase someone’s God complex or to satisfy an urgent public need for safety that cannot be safely sated, are indeed both unsafe and ineffective.

I am saying that it took 10-20 years for the first rabies vaccine to finally start working like a charm. And it took about 45 years for the BCG TB vaccine to become effective, even though there are clear environmental factors that had changed in between the 1920s and the 1960s.

Nowadays, it takes a minimum of four to five years for the FDA to approve a drug for general use. And it used to take longer for vaccines to be approved before they could go into mass production. And this was all for the public good. For the real long-term effects of any new substance or combination of substances on the human body take decades and sometimes generations before they become apparent.

But this was clearly pushed aside when it came to COVID-19. They, governments worldwide, cut corners and allowed Big Pharma to go from R&D to full scale production and dispensation of the vaccine in less than one year. Insane!

Not only this, but governments everywhere in the world gave special dispensations to Big Pharma absolving them from any and all liability for their COVID-19 vaccine products. And this should make us all stop and think.

How come we can sue Big Pharma when it comes to the consequences of their other products (i.e., flu, measles, meningitis, HPV vaccines and others) but we cannot do the same when it comes to COVID-19 vaccines?!

There is something definitely fishy in the realm of Denmark, ladies and gents, something that smells rotten to the core.

And that is why I feel stupid, moronically so. Because, I allowed feelings to alter my mind. I let a terrible personal situation affect how I felt intrinsically about COVID-19 vaccines. I cannot say I did not know that Big Pharma skipped on Stage III trials altogether and reduced the sample sizes for Stage I and II to a minimum. Because I did know and still chose to go with the likes of Neil DeGrasse Tyson, who I believed was a strong astrophysicist, and who was a proponent of mass-immunization. I went along, dismissing my own conclusions that had only one merit: they were factual. And instead I adopted NDG Tyson’s, who I thought was a robust enlightened fount of knowledge, critical thinking, and who I trusted more than my own judgment. Big mistake. Always go with your guts!

Patrick Bet David’s YouTube channel is a must watch. The man has more common sense than the next Western 1,000 public personalities put together.

And that, my friends, is always, but always, a sure recipe for trouble. Whenever we allow our mind overcome our instinct, we delude ourselves into accepting another’s perceived reality. So, instead of making our own minds, and charting a course for our own lives, we sometimes allow others to provide us with an easy, yet non-factual, received reality. Now how dumb is that, folks?! Because in my book, we are stupid to take another person’s words at face value, without checking each and every iota to see if they hold water or not.

Who knows? Perhaps NDG Tyson is truly a believer in COVID-19 vaccination record. Do one’s true feelings and position vis-à-vis a public matter really count? What about facts? What about evidence and reality? Because those are not linked to any personal perception. Facts are facts, regardless of who, what, when, where, and why they are considered.

Our instrumentation for measuring nature may change, and our knowledge sure does evolve along the way with it. But nature and its laws are always the same. It is just our understanding that changes from day to day, year to year, century to century.

This was an important lesson for me. I know now that no matter what, I have to stop putting different people on various pedestals. I have to stop worshipping people or countries for lucky strikes, good runs and witty catch phrases, smart repartees, good policies, or wishful thinking and noble ideas.

Instead, I intend to judge each and every idea on its merit. I will weigh each man’s strengths against their own failings, and stop rushing into action without all the facts.

In truth, since it is impossible to have all the facts in, given how fluidly unending life is, I will promise you this.

Everything that I say and do is only based on what I know to be true at a given appointed time. If the data coming into my possession change, I will alter my conclusions. So from now on, everything that I say and do will come with this disclaimer.

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