The Miracle of Acting – Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the actor who played a president on Netflix and then became President

How a good actor managed to become the President of Ukraine and how playing a role and reading a script won't save his country from War.

Putin’s Gambit – How the Superpowers are gambling World Peace away – Chapter II: The Background

The historical context of the Ukrainian-Russian War of 2022. A quick view of the major actors. Why we are currently in the middle of the Second Cold War.

Putin’s Gambit – How the Superpowers are gambling World Peace away – Chapter I: The Shadow of War

World peace is unravelling at an unprecedented pace. War devastates Ukraine brought about by superpowers unwilling to understand the stakes. Our lives hang in the balance while world leaders continue their bellicose rhetoric. People die in a power struggle that threatens to undo our civilization.

We Were There Where We Had To Be

The Romanian 1989 Revolution was of the People, for the People, with the People. The forces of Neo-Communism appropriated the Revolution, destroyed its Ideals, and arrested Romania's development as a Free and Just Nation. Ion Iliescu and the former Securitate officers and informants must answer for their crimes against humanity and the Romanian nation.

Edmund Burke was Wrong – Freedom Does Not Require Supervision

Freedom does not require Supervision. Passion is not a bad thing. We need a better socio-political business model. If only we could emulate the Swiss.

Freedom is Not a Right – Freedom is a Responsibility

Freedom is not a Right. Freedom is a Responsibility. It requires our constant vigilance. Many have died before to make sure we don't have to. Unfortunately, most people take Freedom for granted. And that is a Recipe for trouble.