Anarchy is NOT a likelier future for the West than tyranny

Janan Ganesh recently authored an op-ed in the Financial Times.

In it he attempts to convince his readership of the dangers of weak states not being able to reign in what he describes as a vastly unruly world. He goes on to say that we ought to disregard the historical record replete with leaders turned tyrants on a dime. The author plants his two feet firmly into the ground, claiming that our Saviour from a state of societal disarray, from ‘anarchy’, is Government, a strong Government.

He also delves into how Florida and Texas are fast becoming disillusioned with a federal government so corrupt and morally decayed, that Secession is once again rising from the ashes.

That may be so, Mr. Ganesh, but one has to wonder if perhaps those states may be right believing that the core function of government is to govern the people, for the people, and with the people, and not against them.

So, no, I do not agree with anything Ganesh claims. I disagree with his conclusions.

The danger is not that posed by the rise of an ineffective State, or a society turning against itself.

The danger is believing that anarchy, which translates from Ancient Greek as without power, equals chaos, mayhem, blood in the streets.

Newsflash: Anarchy is nothing like that.

Anarchy is the absence of a supreme leader, moving us like pawns on a chessboard, and sacrificing millions for the sake of thousands.

Anarchy is the equal division of power at birth. Meaning that 8 billion souls should have 8 billion shares in commanding, controlling and dispensing power. That means no one would/should have even an iota more power than their neighbour.

The Glarus landsgemeinde (2009). This is what anarchy looks like.
Anarchy is NOT present day Portland, as so, so many believe. That’s chaos for you.

Anarchy is what can save the human race. Not doom it.

The danger is not society becoming ungovernable. The danger is posed by individuals like Ganesh feeding people a false narrative.

That a free people should defer to the state, because left to their own device, they’d murder one another.

Ganesh’ argument is the age-old false story of “Give us your arms, surrender your free will, do our bidding, and you shall be saved!” that governments have been telling people since times immemorial to get them to go along with their tyranny.

In the end, I have got to give it to Professor Jordan Peterson, who said it best:

Jordan Peterson

It’s only when a structure degenerates into tyranny that the fundamental relationships between people become dependent on power. 

Professor Jordan Peterson

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