The COVID debacle – the Single Greatest Gaslighting Operation of the Current Age

The COVID-19 pandemic is the perfect example of the single greatest gaslighting operation of our times.

The ecstasy of culling the herd – How Hashish is good and Guns are bad

Drugs are good. Guns are bad. Unless they are government guns. Those are good. Life is Manichean. Things can be both good and evil. Banning something is never good. It ignores this simple fact of life to our own peril.

Why Our Society is Heading Straight for the Precipice

“How did it come to this? That’s the question that would be on everyone’s mind had a nuclear war occurred and hundreds or thousands of nuclear weapons been used. Had a full-scale nuclear war broken out, especially after about the late 1960s,* we would still be trying to recover today. Hundreds of the world’s most … Continue reading Why Our Society is Heading Straight for the Precipice

Our lives are in constant and immediate danger

I was watching Dexter and a thought occurred to me. I realized that one must be very careful if they want to die of old age in this wicked world of ours. At any point, a disturbed person, a thief, rapist or murderer may be lurking in the shadows or in the sunlight, without us … Continue reading Our lives are in constant and immediate danger

The Power of Martyrdom

What would you fight and die for? Where is your line in the sand? Like ancient Christian martyrs, each of us is endowed with Free Will. But unlike them we are Afraid to use our faculties and stand for something. History often teaches us a Lesson. It speaks volumes . But we seldom listen. Perhaps we need to start listening...