They Died with their Boots On

Elon Musk

Perhaps one of the greatest minds of this century is Elon Musk. I say this not because the man is filthy rich. Although it does stand to reason that for most, and even for myself, albeit subconscious only, being rich is something that lends some sort of credibility to any man’s words.

If only by virtue of demonstrated financial acumen separating winners of the mind game from its losers.

But I digress.

This self-made billionaire, who may have had a very secure starting point, but who increased it exponentially year by year, displays Einstein levels of mathematical omniscience.

In an era dominated by WEF-type criminal mantras such as “The Earth holds too many people! We are sinking under our own weight! We need to depopulate the planet!”, Musk is among those few voices pointing out the obvious.

There is no such thing as a population time bomb ticking our way into extinction. If anything, there’s not enough of us to fuel the world economy. We run the risk of succumbing to our dwindling reproductive rates.

Let me explain this in a few paragraphs…

In the last two generations, the world has surely increased from 5 to 8 billion people. That much is true.

But that was fueled almost exclusively by the rise in living standards brought about by the Green Revolution of the 60s and 70s, which pulled the likes of heavyweights like China and India out of the boom-bust starvation cycles that had plagued them for millennia. These countries, combined with Asia and Africa, made up for the vast bulk of demographic advances.

But nowadays, these continents want to join the Western world’s levels of affluence, and that means they want to live the same irresponsible devil may care life we’ve enjoyed since the 1960s.

Because in the West, the Sexual Revolution, and its two nefarious minions, the Contraceptive Pill and Abortion, induced a long state of demographic coma that was palliated but never alleviated by Mass Immigration from East and South.

Bottom line, we in the West stopped engaging in sexual congress like we used to, while also being hit by the deleterious effects of the Pill. But do not get me wrong, we still go about satisfying our limbic needs (eat, drink, copulate) but we do it at an increasingly slower rate, and we just don’t have kids anymore. We reached a plateau. We’re now going down.

We are dying off!

We are come to a point where everybody on the planet wants to have a comfortable life, but nobody wants to have kids. To top it off, countries and people all across the globe wrongly believe that life is about the current generation.

But folks, life has never been about us or our past. Life has always been about the future. Life has always been about the potential of human kind. Not about its past errors, murders, successes, or failures. It has always been about the next chapter, the next planet, the next discovery.

We are bound, as a race, to sit on top of the cliff at the edge of the last planet in our solar system, and ask ourselves what lies there in the offing.

But for some people, the planet is overcrowded, and their fix is population control, which for the time being, means population demise. Basically, they are saying we must go from 8 billion human beings to 2 or 1 billion or even 500 million. But how? The answer is simple: Murder. Yeah, that’s right, you need to get rid of 60 to 80 percent of us, in order to achieve your maleficent agenda. The elite are not content with just waiting for the Malthusian inevitability, which is engulfing us at a natural, organic pace. They plan to accelerate it by various evil schemes.

How exactly does one go about it?

Easy. One follows the good old biblical recipe, namely The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. One degrades our numbers by employing a combination of mass murder, artificial famine, world war, and conquest followed by more genocide.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Death, Famine, War, and Conquest

To these, one can safely add a Fifth: Fear. Which we know from Dune, is the Mind Killer.

The Fifth Horseman Is Fear (1965). This is a Czechoslovak movie about the effects of oppression on humans. Set during the Holocaust, it observes the deleterious repercussions of Nazi genocide on Jews.

So the powers that be, the world elites want us to die. These Bond-level villains want us to die so that they can better control the rest of us using a range of techniques and technologies accumulated from the dawn of history to the Artificial Intelligence Era.

Sean Connery Villain GIF by James Bond 007 - Find & Share on GIPHY
Yeah, the Elite are exactly like this. And We the People are Mr. Bond. And like 007, we must thwart their evil plans using our biggest assets: our unity, our numbers, our will to live.

They say that the entropy of the universe has two potential outcomes. It can either go out with a Bang or with a whimper. One cataclysmic explosion that annihilates not only Life, but the idea of Life, the notion of Universe, Time, Space, and Everything that was, is, or could ever have been. Or the eons-long expansion of the Universe will eventually dilate space and time continuum so greatly that it will break the bonds of atoms. At this point, Physics will cease to work.

And the Universe will devolve into nothingness with a subdued, unheard, and cold whimper.

Like in this Universe allegory, we are confronted with two different outcomes. We are either condemned to go out with a whimper, die in our own beds at 120 years of age, succumbing to our own filth, because there are no new generations to rid us of our own pollutions.

Or we intend to go out with a mighty Bang, and fight for each inch along the Long Way to the Entropic Death of the Universe. We all have a choice to make because if Life is about Anything, it is about Freedom, and that is about Choice.

For me, the choice is unambiguously clear. I intend to go out with a Bang!

In 1941, They Died with Their Boots On movie came out in America. Starring consummate actors like Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Anthony Quinn, and others, it depicted the story of General George Armstrong Custer, who fought valiantly for the North during the Civil War (1861-1865), only to die a brave death at the hands of the Lakota Sioux at the Battle of Little Big Horn, in 1876.

Battle of Little Bighorn, from the Indian side: lithograph by Charles Marion Russell

BTW, a quick look at Wikipedia’s link for the Battle of Little Bighorn shows no picture of Custer. Yeah, one of the main protagonists, the man who actually died there was expunged from this online history record. Pitiful really!!!

General George Armstrong Custer (1839-1876)

The movie is a classic example of American historical cinema as it used to be… once upon a time. It’s got everything: glory, bravery, cavalry, Indians, Civil War battles, music, camaraderie, self-sacrifice, panache, the spirit of the frontier. It is a moving testament of what America used to be.

It was also made in a time when movie set work safety was not a thing. In fact, a change in the actor union’s rules made the producers switch to using untrained extras and stuntmen, three of which died during the cavalry charge scene. One stuntman actually tripped and fell from his horse, and while he had the presence of mind to discard the sword while falling, he fatally impaled himself in it. Quite Hobbesian. Life sucks sometimes!

But this is besides the point! My point is this. As long as we are able to draw breath, we must fight, proudly that we are alive and able to do so. We must endure life as it bears on us.

And if we must go out, then we must die… with our boots on!

One thing is certain in life, and I am not talking about taxes. I am talking Death. All men must die. All will die. The only thing that makes a difference is how we choose to go out: with a whimper, in geriatric diapers, soiled in our own filth OR with our boots on fighting for humanity’s right to pursue life, happiness, freedom as we see fit as free men and women. I choose the latter. I choose to fulfill our species mission to go forth and multiply.

What is your choice? Because, regardless of what they tell you – The choice is always yours to make.

“Men die, with their boots on!”

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  1. Thanks again for your blog, I’ll watch that movie. Oh! I’ll go out my way, silently or loud, it dépends what my story ending will be.😉

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