Why the Left, Right, and Centre are All Wrong

We live in interesting times.

My first clue that we are in the midst of momentous events is that the more you stare at the world, the likelier the abyss is going to look back at you.

I am disappointed with all the people losing their wits and joining one of the three camps the whole globe is splitting into.

The Left

On the Left you have your politically correct, gender accurate, wishy-washy people who apologize profusely for everything, from their race to their racism, including the milk they were nursed on, basically for being born stupid in an unforgiving world.

Though not necessarily a large group, they are quite vocal. Instead of counting their blessings for being lucky to come of age during these times of rabid consumerism, that places materialism above all else, including common sense, leftists apologize.

What are they sorry for? Well, they are sorry for just about everything. Really, they are sorry for having jobs, wealth, colour of their skin, gender, sexual orientation, you name it (and some smart devious people actually do name it), and they’ll apologize for it.

A century ago, these so called progressives, liberals, neo-marxists, socialists, social-democrats, communists, and pseudo freedom fighters, would have been chewed up and spit out quicker than a quid of tobacco by a less clement society. Though I should say that early 20th century society was not necessarily intolerant. It just couldn’t afford to subsidize and pay lip service to indoctrinated morons like our Great Society can. Back then, criminals got what they deserved, justice was served, because keeping a murderer on bread and water for 50 years was not an option in most countries.

That’s Right. Communism starts like that. It usually ends the same. But these are mere details that the Left cannot be bothered with.

Society used to have defences against idioc(rac)y. Today, we banish the very word from our vocabulary as if that ensured the end of stupidity. How utterly senseless!

Anyway, nowadays, the Left raises a rabble and calls it change. Alas, since our Age is also a Stupid one, they do find a paying public easier to come by than ever before.

Not much of a choice, isn’t it?!

The Right

On the Right you have your run-of-the-mill in-bred, ignorant and confused followers of ancient concepts such as Aryanism, which BTW comes from Aryan people, covering not only Indo-Aryan but also Indo-European peoples. All it took to pervert it into something hideous and unrecognizable notion was a few 19th century physical anthropologists and scientific racists.

Aryans and Non-Aryans

Indo-European Aryans: from Greece to Pakistan.
I know, I know, for some people it’s like the shock of their lives.
Non-Aryans: from Norway, Sweden and Germany. Jawohl! 50 million people died to advance the cause of the blue-eyed and blonde “Aryan” race. If it wasn’t so criminally insane and stupid, it would be supremely Ironic.

Some more Aryan faces below… and BTW Iran means Land of the Aryans.

We call these people fascists, Nazi, neo-Nazi, Right-wing nuts. Some globalist media outlets have also started to conflate these Supreme Race moronic illiterates with legitimate people who cling to their old and proven beliefs in their language, culture and traditions. Nowadays, we are all supposed to believe that Nazi and ultra-nationalists are both interchangeable charged terms.

Nationalism and Nazism are Not Interchangeable

Not so fast, you media you! You’d have to have the IQ of a raisin if you believed that national-socialism and ultra-nationalism are one and the same thing. First of all, Nazism is a failed authoritarian doctrine predicated on the cult of the Supreme Leader. Secondly, this Supreme Leader lords it over a Supreme Race, a Master Race, that maintains a ‘pure bloodline’, to not only the detriment of all other bloodlines, but to their elimination.

The Germans gave it a go between 1933 and 1945, with ‘spectacular’ results. Hahhahha! Couldn’t help myself. One has got to laugh. Irony and sarcasm are a lost art. And many, many people are immune to its charms. History is a science and a lot of people are also quite repulsed by it. No wonder we see the same sights every generation or so. We never learn, do we now!

Second, ultranationalism is not a political doctrine. It is a popular belief in the advantages of millennia-old proven concepts such as only a common language, culture, faith and/or religion, customs, history, traditions and territory, can provide to a set of people. It puts, literally puts a people first, by prioritizing their needs for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness before those of other peoples.

Ultranationalism doesn’t deny the humanitas of a people foreign to the land occupied by its autochthonous people. It prioritizes the latter over the former. That’s it, that’s all. And that is also why nationalism has always carried the day. Because it is not a politician’s empty phrases. It is the dream of a better world built together by a well-defined set of people, around a common set of values, which is intrinsic to that particular locale and time frame.

For many peoples, I’d even wager to say for all peoples, that land that defines them has also been ‘maintained’ by bloody sacrifices. I think there is hardly any parcel of land in this world of ours that hasn’t been paid in blood for twenty times over for the value it brought to its occupant. But hey no pain, no gain, as the saying goes!

And so the story goes on and on and on…

The idea is that one does not take their homeland on the soles of their shoes, as the great French Revolutionary Danton once said. Land matters more than anything else. We are creatures of habit. And once we own our small piece of land, we grow so attached to it that we would rather die than move. And when you’ve buried grandma and grandpa, and countless generations in the very soil that feeds you and your sons and daughters, then when an invader steps foot on your Land, it becomes a matter of Kill or Be Killed.

If you Rinse and Repeat for let’s say close to 100 generations or so, then you have a Personal History that Connects You to Your Land. My point is that no multinational company can convince people that having no roots is preferable to having a Personal Connection with your native soil.

I am convinced that all the people on this planet yearn to have their own piece of land to call home.

But still such a dream goes against the very essence of globalization. It calls into question the nature of today’s primary ‘religion’: a global world. In such a world, corporations would run all things. Yes, that’s right, Corporations, whose only raison d’être is and will ever be profit.

Money not people, bottom lines instead of social needs, shares’ price and IPOs over education spending, that is the future imagined by the global elites. A future devoid of humanity, as cold as ice, and populated by amorphous, semi-illiterate, imbecile, and pliant people, whose past is being extinguished today. That is the Corporations’ dream.

The future constructed by the globalizing elite has eliminated free thinkers, nationalists, people who care about free speech. All in the name of uniformity and standardizing thought: Consume! Obey! Work! Don’t think! Don’t worry! Be happy!

That is why the media calling ultra-nationalists extremist, right-wing nuts, or fascist or even Nazi, is beyond plain wrong. They are criminal.

But of course, the interests of the Globalizing elite are such that ultranationalism must be uprooted in order to make way for the New World Order, whereby the rich and powerful continue to dictate the lives of billions, while also enjoying the spectacle of the petty squabbles dividing the hoi polloi.

The Centre

And then, there’s a third bunch of people, so-called Centrists. They are the Matthew McConnaugheys and Russell Brands of this world. People who have managed to accumulate a certain patina of intellectuality without bothering to absorb knowledge the old fashioned ways.

Matthew the Great and New Jesus. No, no, no! I am just messing with your Chi.
Matthew McConnaughey and Russell Brand.

How do we know that their ‘smarts‘ are just for show? Simple. They do not profess to have studied the Classics, or the Moderns, or even the Contemporaneous thinkers, writers, historians, philosophers, religious or atheistic theologians.

But they do like to engage in pseudo-peripatetic debates preferably with one another, because why? Because obviously they know what they are talking about. Doesn’t matter that the epitome of one’s career was starring in Hollywood movies. And that the other’s was to have lots of mantric sex with sex-bombs, do drugs, have an epiphany, find out drugs are bad, do a 180 degrees turn, and start dealing New Age advice on TV.

Their latest media stunt was this one:

The two Apostles of Centrism at work. This is riveting stuff, I tell you. Riveting stuff!

The two apostles of Centrism advocate the benefits of the middle ground. And, on the surface, their argument is appealing. How could it not be?! I mean, they discuss the evil of extreme points of view, of the polarization of Democrats and Republicans in America. And how normal people have stopped talking to one another, and started following tribal patterns of behaviour, which almost always end in conflict, the deadly violent kind.

And then, all of a sudden – EUREKA – they discover the middle ground, this Xanadu, this Shangri-La, this Holy Land of mutual understanding, where compromise and reciprocity lead to a higher understanding of the stakes, allowing constructive dialogue to flourish and society to rediscover its peaceful roots once more.

This is a lot of baloney. Let me explain.

The current system is the capitalist system. It is predicated on money. And it covers the entire planet. Don’t listen to what others say. China is not communist. It is as capitalist as America, Switzerland, or Angola are. There is not one country left on Earth that carries its business outside Capitalism, not one.

Even before, between grosso modo 1917-1991, or the century of extremes, as Eric Hobsbawm called it, Communism was merely a temporary appropriation of the trappings of Capitalism by People who saw themselves as Saviours of humanity. These people ended up playing the same nefarious and nebulous role their bourgeois archenemies did.

Most people don’t realize that Communists are Capitalists who don’t know it yet.

Such is the folly of the human race that we are always engaged in mind games… against our very selves. We seem particularly bent on self-delusion and even though we don’t like the results of our ritualic warfare, we always but always end up imagining opposite camps, taking sides, slaughtering one another, only to decry the unnecessary use of violence by the loser of the previous conflict.

In reality, the problem with taking sides, with choosing between the Left, Right, or Centre, is that one chooses from birds of the same feather. All sides are based on the same system that uses money to establish a pyramid of power, whereby a small elite control the rest of the population. How can one ever expect to get a different result, just by shifting one’s point of view from one side of the political spectrum to the other or even its middle?! Nonsense, right!

Yet, the Apostles of Centrism do it and they do it with panache. Doesn’t matter there is no logic to it. They firmly believe that they have found a New Way that Humanity can follow to get out of the Swamp. Not so fast, New Age munchkins, not so fast.

The problem with the whole notion of political power resides in the word ‘power’. Therein lies the devil. And unless we understand its power base (money), and its nuclear attraction that it has over people, We won’t change anything.

We must do away with money and thus eliminate the power pyramid that makes people with money into political tyrants and blocks the socio-economic progress of the other classes.

No amount of compromise or political neutrality will ever break the direction we are all heading into. No amount of goodwill or understanding will ever undo the cyclicality of the crises through which we struggle at regular intervals. For make no mistake, Capitalism has its own Cycle of Crises.

Change can only come from one quarter: a resource based economy (RBE).

Erratum: principles not principals.

Post scriptum: History teaches us that almost everything that can be already was. For instance, classical Rome went through three stages: kingdom, republic, and empire. The Eternal City started almost as the two-man show that the epic movie Il Primo Re depicted her to be. As two brothers became one King, Rome too became a city-state.

Rome: the Story of a City that made History. From Romulus and Remus to Today. The World has surely gone around the Sun a couple thousand of revolutions and more…

The problem with unique rulers, kings, potentates, chieftains, reiks, emperors, tyrants is that there is no consistency from one generation to another. A single bad apple at the top can undo in a few short years the efforts of four or five generations of enlightened monarchs.

The Romans living in 509 B.C. came to this realization when they rebelled against and expelled their ‘last’ king Tarquinus Superbus. Rome became a republic ruled by the rich but a res publica nonetheless, meaning that instead of one tyrant lording it over many thousands and tens of thousands of people, there would now be a few hundred senators at the top of the political pyramid.

This is important. Whereas before One Royal had all the Power, between 509 B.C. and 31/27 B.C., 300 Senators would share that Power. Not ideal, but way better than before.

But because people never learn, it took a few ambitious individuals like Sylla, Marius, Pompei, Caesar, Marc Anthony, and finally Octavian, to wrestle the auctoritas and potestas from a corrupt Senate, only to combine it in their own persons into the absolute imperium, that allowed their ‘August’ majesties to condemn people to death without trial or recourse.

There is a lesson to be learned from Rome’s example. Where one supreme leader can easily succumb to hubris and start thinking they have the right to act as judge, jury and executioner, the same cannot be said about any given 300 people or more.

You see, the dynamic is different in a group where power is divided more or less equally. Of course, for every Cicero (good guy) you will have at least one Catalina (a very bad dude). But the beauty of it all is that when it comes to deciding the fate of a person, group dynamics act as a check and balance arresting any rash, unilateral, or capital decision.

Fast forward to today, it quickly becomes apparent that in addition to the fact that neither the Right, Left, or Centre of the political spectrum are right, the biggest problem with political systems is that almost all of them have a tendency to concentrate power in as few hands as possible. We need to dilute power as much as we can.

People don’t understand that concentrating power like that is political kryptonite to people’s rights, responsibilities, liberties and freedoms.

And because it is self-evident that We Never Learn from Past Mistakes, We Will Repeat them Ad Nauseam.

Sic transit Gloria mundi!

One thought on “Why the Left, Right, and Centre are All Wrong

  1. I love listening to people’s opinion on politics even though I am not knowledgeable on this subject. I do feel funny things in my gut when: The right gives something equally to a high income and low income family. When the high income families have more when being on the left and being on the left as no benefit for low income. The vidéo of the actors dicussing the middle bores me, that kind of conversation I can handle with a drink at a dinner party.
    As you can see, I have a hard time expressing myself on the subject but I ENJOY VERY MUCH READING your article!

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