The Alberta Miracle

I started this blog post back in mid-December 2022. Back then the Liberals were well on their way towards eradicating the gun rights of Canadians. Now, the fight is still going strong. And all because Alberta decided that enough is enough.

A momentuous time in Canada’s history: Alberta’s takes a stand against the Feds (colorized, December 15, 2022)

Basically, in the wake of Ottawa’s unilateral decision to ban not only all handguns imports, thus condemning hundreds of thousand of law abiding responsible handgun owners to a slow strangulation of their sport, but also to ban 99.99% of existing hunting rifles and shotguns, Alberta simply said: NOT ON MY WATCH! Ya Basta! Enough already!

In this YouTube video, you can see Tyler Shandro, the Alberta Justice Minister, instructing the Alberta Crown Prosecution Service to take over the prosecution of all cases involving the Firearms Act, starting January 1, 2023. All legal too, eh!

This prompted the Federal Government to drop the provision banning hunting rifles from the new Bill C-21 on February 3, 2023.

In one fell swoop, Alberta told Ottawa that from now on, the province will decide who is charged in relation to the Firearms Act on its territory. It repatriated one critical jurisdiction that the Feds had managed to mess up to the dismay of all law abiding citizens of the Commonwealth.

Alberta stepped into the ring on the side of civil liberties, thus showing the entire country how one can deal with government overreach.

Shandro gave Alberta prosecutors discretionary decision powers whether to pursue a firearms charge or not. This protocol outlined that it isn’t in the public interest to prosecute someone who isn’t facing any other charges and obtained their gun legally before it became prohibited on May 1, 2020. Nine types of firearms became prohibited on that date, including the AR-15 and its variants.

He also said that the federal gun ban targets sports shooters, hunters and farmers who legally own guns. He added that Ottawa was targeting western Canadians and sowing division.

Originally, the Feds didn’t go down without a fight. Alberta’s decision was met by the Federal Justice Minister David Lametti with derision. Speaking of the Crown prosecutors not prosecuting gun possession charges, Lametti said that he expected police to lay charges and prosecutors to pursue those cases through the court system. “It would be extraordinary if they made a unilateral decision not to enforce the law,” Lametti said. “That would not only offend the Constitution, but would also offend the rule of law.”

All fine and well, sir. But when you come to think of it, the Provinces and Territories have the right to repatriate and use certain prerogatives including prosecutions under different pieces of legislation. Quebec did this back in the 1970s and 1980s when it declined to prosecute abortion cases. And remember, folks, abortion was illegal in Canada back then. And nobody batted an eye.

So now, whatever worked for the Quebecois goose should work very well for the Albertan gander.

Now there are some in our fine proud North who will say that just because Alberta won’t enforce the Firearms Act doesn’t mean the feds won’t. But I do not believe that Ottawa would forcefully intervene in Canada’s richest province’s affairs manu militari. Doing so would be both politically inexpedient as well as imbecilic. But I guess we’ll wait and see.

As CBC reported back in September 2022, Shandro said Alberta would not allow RCMP officers assigned to local policing to participate in the gun confiscation program. The federal government was allowing owners of prohibited firearms to turn them in without any penalty by Oct. 30, 2023. At the time, Shandro said the federal government would extend the amnesty period because they don’t have the resources to confiscate hundreds of thousands of guns. 

But look at Ottawa now, eh. The feds not only dropped the hunting ban provisions from Bill C-21. They did so before the public eye. Thus acknowledging their defeat at the hands of Alberta’s strong legal stance.

And before you say but man, what does it matter if the government wants to ban guns, let me tell you this. If the law had been clearly set up to make the public safer from criminals, I would have been the first to say go for it, Johnny Q!

But as it happens, the government wanted to take away all the guns of all law abiding citizens, who have to be vetted every time they purchase a single firearm. Canadian firearm owners are among the most regulated category on the face of the Earth. You cannot buy a single round of ammunition in this country without the seller making a note in a register somewhere so that there is a trace of every move you make and every step you take. Furthermore, the government knows exactly who has what and where. Again, I am talking about registered firearms.

Now the proposed gun ban affected every firearm owner, that is millions of households. And what the government actually did for handguns, they banned all imports. This means that in due time, each firearm that loses its capacity to function by virtue of usage, is going to become a net loss for its owner. This is how the government skirted its responsibility to compensate law abiding owners for their losses! By weaseling their way out of their legal duties. They can say they did not ban them outright, so why pay for the guns becoming defective and unusable. After all, they are still the responsibility of their owners. Yeah, yeah, yeah! This is how government operates, folks!

As for the now quashed hunting firearms ban (Thank you, Alberta, thank you, thank you, thank you!), government was fixing to just ban firearms ownership altogether. No compensation, no nothing! Just like that! Sounds like something out of the WEF Agenda: you will own nothing, and be happy, eh!

Disgusting, I know. Absolutely disgusting! Makes one ashamed of one’s life choices to cross a freaking ocean…

But all is well when it ends well. Don’t get me wrong. I am not happy with the outcome. But, I will take a win when I see one. What a wild ride these last two months have been, eh!

It is now early February 2023, and the Liberals’ hunting arms ban has been quashed. Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

Today, I was watching an episode of the Peaky Blinders. In this particular one, a widow is about to receive the visit of a thug she blames for her son’s demise. The woman has been enlisted by an opposing group of thugs to entrap the man. So, when he gets to her place, she asks him to leave his firearm outside her home. She pats him down to make sure he’s unarmed. She does so knowing all too well that he is about to become easy prey for his enemies. Still, she makes sure he is not carrying.

Unbeknownst to her, the would be victim has foreknowledge of her betrayal and has loyal friends surrounding the carefully laid trap, ready to pounce and come to his rescue at the drop of his hat.

And the entire scene made me realize a couple of things:

  1. First off, whenever people or the government tell you that you don’t need a gun for your protection, that is BS. You do and you must have one. Otherwise, why would they have one, but not yourself?!
  2. Before they can cull, cut, or eradicate you, they will want to make sure you are in no position to resist. Hence, first they will take away your God given right to bear arms. Then, and only then, they will come after you. Remember this, and you will be safe.

And again whatever works for the goose, will certainly work for the gander, folks! So when a private individual wants to make sure you are disarmed, that’s when you should ask yourself why they’d want to do that to you…

  1. If they want your good, then there’s no need for you to be disarmed.
  2. It is only when they have nefarious ends, they’d want you unarmed.

And if and when they insist you must surrender your guns, that’s when you should avoid their company… to say the least. Better still, make sure you give them a wide berth, because they’re up to no good.

Look at it this way. The Government is like Kaa, the funny looking serpent from the Jungle Book. It asks you to trust in them… so that it may consume you whole.

Do not trust any government that wants to take away, restrict, hinder, impair or subtract your God-given right to bear arms.

I should very much like to see one day all the Governments of the world disarmed, all at once. Then and only then, I will be the first to agree with the general disarmament of the population.

In the meantime, I am with Clint Eastwood on this one.

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