Your Life is Your Responsibility

Many people think that the U.S. Constitution gives them rights such as the right to Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, or the right to protest, speak, bear arms, etc etc etc.

And while their gratitude towards the Founding Fathers is justified and engrained in their moral fiber after almost 250 years of history and education, I believe they’re only half right.

You see, I believe that all people are born with a bunch of inalienable rights. That means that when we come into this world of ours, we come with certain rights that nobody can ever take away. These are:

1. The right to Life

2. The right to Freedom

3. The right to bear Arms

4. The right to Free Speech

5. The right to vote and run for Political Office

6. The right to stand a Fair Trial and to Due Diligence

7. The right to pursue Hapiness

8. The right to Assemble

9. The right to Protest

10. The right to be Left Alone by Government

These are not rights handed over to you by government or the constitution. They come with you the moment you clear your mother’s womb and you embrace life with a cry and shout.

And that is the main difference between most people who falsely believe that rights are given by government and a few people who know for a fact that government is not the alpha and omega.

Government cannot give you something that is born with you. It cannot give you dignity or wealth or rights or responsibilities. You see, most people are dead wrong to think government can actually bestow rights onto them. Because if it could, then that would also mean government could just as easily take those rights away.

People need to understand that they are in charge of their lives. And that means they need to put their own houses in order before they step out into the world asking for things, which are in their own power to come true.

The right to bear Arms is chief among the Rights that are attached to us umbilically. And that is so because before you can hope to pursue happiness and become the most of your potential self, you need to survive in a world that is still Hobbesian as hell.

For as short, as poor, as wicked, as brutish and as nasty as life is, human beings have been known to work together eusocially to improve their chances of survival. And guess what, we managed not only that but we created instead phenomenal civilizations and cultures, which span the globe and reach into outer space.

And that was all built on the back of our Responsibility to bear Arms and Protect one another. That was built on the backs of the slaves of Egypt who lived and died working for the glory of the Pharaoh, under the shade of the Great Pyramids. That was built on the brow sweat of black and white and brown slaves, and on that of workmen and women who gave it their best so that their offspring may have an easier life.

It was all given in the name of future promises of a better life, if not for them, at least for their children. That was how Responsible our Forefathers and mothers were.

I am afraid that our generation is the first one to have dropped the ball. We no longer work or save or toil in the name of future progress for our family, our country, our civilization. We merely survive in the midst of constant change. We face a constant whirlwind of trouble that cares not for our feelings or our emotions. We have become the hapless subjects of tough times. We are lost without a paddle and a rudder or a compass on a nebulous and nefarious stygian river.

The Styx.

We are at the mercy of the elements that surround us and claim their pounds of flesh. We have lost our faith in God, and in ourselves. We have surrendered Free Will and have become the unapologetic wards of the State. We are a mere shadow of our former selves. We deserve no merit or distinction for we have abandoned ourselves. We are drifting closer and closer to insanity, but we cling to the deluded notion that we have an agency in our spiraling down the drain of History.

We are racing towards the Bottom with a reckless abandon worthy of a better cause. We are Lost. And unless we decide to Take the Power Back, there is no Force on Earth or in Heaven that can save Us. It is up to Us to fight back for the Rights of our Children to a Better Life than their parents. It is up to Us to make their Lives Easier. It is our Choice and our Responsibility to make it so. And although we live in a day and age that is neither Brave nor Honorable, we must be both.

So that in the Future, many generations from Now, they will call our Age that of Reason, and remember our Names by calling out: Vixerunt! They lived!

“Then out spake brave Horatius,
The Captain of the Gate:
To every man upon this earth
Death cometh soon or late.
And how can man die better
Than facing fearful odds,
For the ashes of his fathers,
And the temples of his gods”
― Thomas Babington Macaulay, Lays of Ancient Rome

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