My Political Beliefs – A Manifesto (P. I)

I have always been a student of history. Like Hobbes, I agree with the brutish, poor, nasty, short and solitary nature of life. Unlike him, I don’t believe government to be the guarantor of the social contract. The people are the foundation, holders and recipients of power.

We are all political animals.

I for instance believe that Freedom reigns Supreme, speech should be free, property sacrosanct, and people should be able to own guns. Freedom makes Life worth living. Without Freedom, there can’t be Justice, Happiness, or other Moral Values. Even Life loses its ontological meaning without It. In Its Absence, one can hear the immemorial shackles of spiritual or secular bondage make a comeback from the Past.

I also do not believe in the State’s unlimited power to govern by decree, raise taxes without the consent of the people, or make important decisions, without the specific agreement of the citizenry.

I believe that Justice is the Second Most Important Value that we all share. And I do not think that such a central value should be left in the hands of Government. Justice is what binds us. We want to be equal before the Law. We accept our differences, our inequalities but we cannot, we will not accept differential treatment in the eyes of the Law. We want to have the same rights and responsibilities. And we do not settle, at least in our own eyes and before our inner conscience, for a class society.

I believe that the Social Contract is being perverted from its original spirit by a Government whose aim is to gather more power and increase its dominion over its subjects.

I believe that Citizens want Power to be divided equally among all political members of society. And I believe that the State cares only about amassing Power for the sake of keeping and increasing its Control over the Populace.

I believe in Personal Responsibility. I believe that People should use their common sense when exercising their rights. And I also believe that when they abuse their rights, they should be held accountable for it.

I believe in Freedom of Speech. I also believe that if you use your speech to slander, libel or lie, you should pay the legal price for your misguided actions. And yes, Free Speech is axial to Freedom. And Words can and will Hurt other individuals and societies. But I believe in penalizing trespassers after the fact not Restricting Speech beforehand.

After all the Ancient Greek said it best – Pataxon me akuson de – Strike me if you must but first listen.

I believe in the Right to Bear Arms. I believe that all law abiding, mentally capable and apt citizens ought to have this universal right.

And before I forget, I believe in Trusting other people. Yes, I do. I know that most of you will say: Gee, that’s dumb! It doesn’t matter. I still do it. I still Trust people. Because, Trust is the mortar without which one cannot build any Society.

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