Followers versus subscribers

A dear friend of mine just made me aware that it is a bit difficult for people to follow my blog.

Turns out he is right. So, after careful investigation, I decided to post here the steps to follow for people to be able to follow this blog.

Option 1 – Become email followers: People have the option of subscribing to my blog via email only. You may or may not have a account. You receive an email each time I add a post or if you sign up to be notified of new Posts on my site.

Option 2 – Become followers by invitation: I will send people invites to follow my site. You will need to sign up to, which is free, painless and takes five minutes. You become a user and are able to see not only my posts but also look for other, more interesting, posts. 🙂

So the choice is yours. I hope I explained the situation as succinctly as possible.

Thank you and enjoy my blog!

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